The man has made the planet a slave, reduced the animals in captvation and condemned the ecosystem. With its herbicides, the search for innovation and comfort is slowly generating the extinction of bees, to be fundamental for life. The bees say: it is enough! And their anger turns them into SUPERAPI, ready to fight the human being and restore the right balance in the ecosystem. Let’s stop and think, let’s save our planet.


The work is installed on the ground, anchored to an empty chair to identify the absence of man, who remains to look passive and doing nothing and moving in small steps … calmly! T-shirts are for everyday use and can spread the message in social life in every area, the old web. The sizes of the t-shirts ov the children must start early for their deucation  and then be handed down to e older, the one size bigger represents the man who should stop to avoid falling. Synthetic and natural colors (both water based), it’s to identify chemistry as a generator of nature and the universe itself. The bottle with flower represents the way we live and the anarchy of man towards the planet aimed at self-destruction. The four bees that belonge to the group of the heroes of the nature, the also thr chemistry, ready to intervene. The splashes of colors, on the base of  and t-shirts  represent pesticides. Artist Antonio Lavorgna (Italy)



Positive growth.

With the digital world, art reaches its peak, goes beyond infinity, overcomes the barriers of reality. Today for me the most current and important work of art is Google, continuous information within everyone’s reach.

I have never believed and believe in the immortality of art work, it must live and die following its course and that is why I have chosen to dedicate myself to artistic candles, they live, they give you emotions, they die and can be regenerated.

I turn my artistic forces into the digital world and NFT because its time to detach completely from matter and stop producing it, to continually invade the planet and its spaces, only recycling and reinventing oneself is useful.

After my research and invention of color acids, obtained from the oxidation of metals and macerated for eight months, I released a significant work for my artistic career, called: La Tela Scomposta, it identifies the break with matter, the stop to generate it, also useful for safeguarding the planet.

But the strongest sign, which will later find confirmation is the work released in 2000, a crumpled white canvas, painted in action painting, with a USB pendrive in the center, explaining that one day art will be digital and stored on pendrives. Well! In 2019/20 we got there with the spotlight of the NFT world, in which I feel I belong.

Follia! mostra con Paolo Guiotto

Presente nell’esibizione del maestro e amico Paolo Guiotto, mostro sacro dell’arte che è riuscito a immortalare il suo messaggio, con opere presenti a New York al Museo D’Arte Moderna, La Galleria Degli Uffizi a Firenze, Roma Palazzo Braschi e forti collaborazioni con storici e critici d’arte di notevole spessore.
Grazie all’ASSOCIAZIONE OMNIA RES CIVITATIS che mi ha dato la possibilità di selezionare artisti e renderli partecipi dell’evento.